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Chair IT in AEC (Bauinformatik)

The Roots of our Discipline

KONRAD ZUSE (1910-1995), a civil engineer, built Z3, the world's first program-controlled computer. Zuse's 1936 patent application also suggests a 'von Neumann Architecture' with program and data modifiable in storage. In 1945 Zuse describes 'Plankalkuel', world's first higher-level programming language. The Z3-computer was built in 1941 using 2,000 relays. It operated at a clock frequency of about 5 to 10 Hz. Z3 was succeded by Z4 the world's first commercial digital computer delivered to ETH Zurich in September 1950. Further computers, all numbered with a leading Z, were built by Zuse KG (computer company), which sold more than 220 IT-(Mainframe) Systems. GEORGE BOOLE (1815-1864) wrote his most famous work 'An Investigation of The Laws of Thought' in Cork. The book describes the "Boolean Algebra" in a systematic way. Boolean Algebra is very useful on computers, since the binary numbers, combined through Boolean algebra, could be used to analyse electrical switching circuits.