The ECPPM conference series has provided a discussion platform for Research and Development
topics of key importance to the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management
sectors since 1994.

The ECPPM 2010 conference will provide attendees with strategic knowledge on the achievements
and trends in research, development, standardisation and industrial implementation of product and
process information technology.

The ECPPM 2010 conference will present R&D results from the following themes:
• Complex Engineering Systems
• Processes and Construction Management
• Energy-Efficiency

The ECPPM 2010 conference will be an open forum for leading specialists from industry and research
communities on developments in different countries worldwide, bringing together expertise,
knowledge, ongoing research and visions, for the evolution of the expanding world of ICT-based
applications that address information, process and project management in the dynamic construction

The ECPPM 2010 conference invites key players from Industry, Academia, the European Commission
and Government Bodies to explain new research programmes and present latest results from FP7,
E2B, ERABUILD, the European Construction Technology Platform, Science Foundation Ireland,
Enterprise Ireland, Sustainable Energy Ireland and other funding agencies.

Organisation, scientific management and research orientation of all ECPPM conferences are supported
by the European Association of Product and Process Modelling (EAPPM) that includes representatives
from almost all countries across Europe.