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University College Cork
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Colloquium on Innovation in Construction


The Chair

The Chair of "IT in AEC" was established in January 2006. It has become an integral part of research and teaching at UCC. The most important current achievements are:
  • Introduction of the New Master Programme "IT in AEC"(June 2006)
  • Inauguration of "SCENE-Lab2" (September 2006)
  • Launch of the "BuildWise" Cluster project (July 2007)
  • Successfull contribution to CIT's PRTLI 4 proposal (August 2007)
  • Inaugural Lecture

    The Inaugural Lecture will introduce to the Future Work Programe of the Chair.
    Prof. K. Menzel will explain his vision how to develop:
  • a research driven teaching portfolio
  • strong industry-university research projects
  • excellent national, European, and international collaborations.
  • Colloquium

    Only excellent teams can achieve ambitious goals in a globalized world .

    Therefore, the Inaugural Lecture is complemented by the "Colloquium for Innovation in Construction". Friends, colleagues, and research partners from Ireland, Europe, and the USA will present examples of their research. These presentations will hopefully stimulate the next joint research projects.


      Welcome Reception Opening
      Jim Lawler, Enterprise Ireland

      Session 1: IT in Architecture
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      Inaugural Lecture Professor Menzel
    Building Technology 2030:
    Intelligent, Reliable, Sustainable
    Session 2:
    IT as Integrator Amongst Disciplines

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      Icebreaker Reception
    Colloquium Innovation in Construction
    John R. Bowen, CEO The Bowen Group

      Session 3:
    IT for Complex Engineering Systems

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    Professor Menzel would like to thank all of his colleagues and friends who have supported him in good and bad days over the past 17 years of his professional career.