Forum Bauinformatik 2011

Please note the correct ISBN for referencing papers from the Proceedings of the 23rd Forum Bauinformatik is:
978 - 1 - 9066 - 42 - 38 - 9

Bauinformatik (Information Technology in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction - IT in AEC) aims to provide holistic, life-cycle oriented solutions for computer-aided design, construction, and operation of built infrastructure systems.

It is concerned with engineering, mathematics and computer science. It addresses the applications of computer science to engineering and covers numerical analysis and CAD, information logistics, artificial intelligence,information and knowledge management, project and business modelling, and intelligent monitoring and control of built infrastructure systems.

The Forum Bauinformatik 2011 conference is part of series of annually organised conferences dedicated to promoting the work and achievements of talented, young researchers in the area of IT in AEC by providing a platform:
(1) To present their scientific achievements and prototypical implementations to peers, senior researchers, and leading representatives from industry;
(2) To publicly dispute the most current results of their scientific work with peers and senior academics in single stream conference sessions and to receive feedback on how to progress with future work from senior academics and leading industry representatives;
(3) To get an overview about 'cutting edge' research topics under development in leading European academic institutions in Keynote presentations delivered by 'Alumni' of the Forum.

The Forum Bauinformatik is a unique conference for Europe which has been running for 23 years and has developed a strong track record promoting young, talented scientists.

The Forum Bauinformatik will span over 4 days, including 3 days conference and 1 day workshop. Successful paper authors are invited to give a 15 minutes presentation followed by 8 minutes discussion. The event is a single track event; all participants can contribute to the intensive discussions.