MEng.Sc. (IT in AEC)
Information Technology in Architecture, Engineering & Construction




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MEngSc ITinAEC Graduates 2007 to present
List of Students

Teaching Period 1
Introduction Week: 12-Sept-2016 to 19-Sept-2016
Lectures and Seminars: 20-Sept-2016 to 02-Dec-2016
Preparation Winter Exams: 05-Dec-2016 to 09-Dec-2016  
Winter Exams and Presentations: 10-Dec-2016 to 21-Dec-2016  

Teaching Period 2
Lectures and Seminars 16-Jan-2017 to 09-Apr-2016
Project Presentations: 10-April-2017 to 30-April-2017
Summer Exams: 02-May-2017 to 14-May-2017

Teaching Period 3
Discuss Potential Topics 15-May-2017 to 26-May-2017
Start Date 29-May-2017-2017
Consolidated Draft 18-August-2017
Submission to Exams Office 01-Sept-2017

Learning Platform
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Collaboration Platform

Adobe Connect Pro

This is a platform that facilitates the setting-up videoconferences and sharing of applications. We use it to broadcast lectures and seminars. Students are invited to organise their projects and discuss homeworks.