CKR 29
MEng.Sc. (IT in AEC)
Information Technology in Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  About   CKR 29 addresses... the increased need for qualified IT-specialists in the AEC-industry.

"The material addresses emerging trends and presents state of the art and state of practice in the area of IT in AEC"
Dr. Fruchter, Stanford University (USA)
      right to left: Whatmore (CEO Tyndall), Murphy (President UCC), Fruchter (Stanford), Menzel (UCC)

    CKR 29 prepares... graduates and practitioners for careers in the Engineering or IT sector.
Engineers who wish to improve their IT-knowledge and management skills.
Computer Scientists who wish to learn managing projects in the AEC and FM sectors.
    CKR 29 CONTENT Young graduates and AEC-practitioners will improve their knowledge on:
  • Smart Buildings and Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Facilities and Energy Management
  • Virtual Construction, Collaborative Work and eBusiness
  • Knowledge Management and Software Engineering
  • CKR 29 Prospectus
    CKR 29 Prospectus
        CKR 29 LECTURES Lectures are offered in co-operation with three European Universities and three industry partners. Lectures are broadcasted using web technology and can be attended either from UCC, your home or your workplace.
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      Future CKR 29 CAREER More than 80 students graduated from this programme.
    Graduates are emplyoed in Ireland, China, U.K., USA, Australia, Canada, Finland, Slovenia, and Germany in the following sectors:
  • Engineering Firms (Structural, Transport, Energy)
  • Facility Management Providers and Corporate Real Estate Mgmt.
  • Public Sector (County and City Councils)
  • Financial Sector and Academia (Lecturers and Researchers).
  •   Application   CKR 29 APPLICATION Applications are processed through the PAC-System.
    NOTE: Go to University College Cork and use course code CKR29
    Link to the PAC-System
  • non-EU students:        28-May-2014.
  • Irish and EU students: 18-July-2014.


    The programme can be pursued on a full-time (1 year) or part-time(2 years) basis
    (with an option to complete at postgraduate diploma level).


    Prof. Karsten Menzel (Course Director, phone: ++353 21 420 5400)

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