Joshua Byatukorera
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons), Uganda

Academic Year 2010/2011
  • Mode: Full Time
  • Electives: VirtualEnterprises

      Graduation: Expected in October 2011  
    Area of Interest: Web  


    " This course to me is much more than words can express. It marks one of the turning points in my life. It marks kind of realising my dream that dates back to the time i was in primary six.Relocating from my mother continent up to here! This is a fundamental change for the better and much more is yet to come "


      Previous Qualification:
  • 1997-1999 Diploma(Education - Secondary) - Kyambogo University, Uganda
  • Ag. Billing Officer; National Water & Sewerage Corporation (
        Kabale Area, Uganda
  • Head of Department and Class teacher at:
        Kaaro High School, Kiruhura, Uganda

    My courses:

    Software Engineering (CE6011)
    Computer Aided Facilities Mgmt. (CE6012)
    Computer Mediated Communication (CE6014)
    IT for Energy in Buildings (CE6027)
    Mobile Systems Design 1 (CS 5512)
    IT for Energy in Buildings - PROJECT (CE6027)
    Software Engineering (CE6021)
    eBussiness (CE6022)
    Mobile computing in construction (CE6023)