linda onwacha
BEng (Electronical)

Academic Year 2012/13
  • Mode: part time
  • Electives: Knowledge Management, Virtual Enterprises, computer mediated communication, Finite Element Analysis

      Graduation: Expected in December 2014  
    Area of Interest: energy management, data & information management, civil engineering,
      Expectation from CKR29:
    Minor Thesis Topic:  

      Previous Qualification:
  • BEng (Hons) Electrical and electronics Engineering - University College Cork
  • 2011-present Data Analyst/Manufacuring Operator, Alcon Company
    Duty on data analysing

      CKR29 - IT in AEC:
  • IT in AEC hompage
  • ITC-Euromaster homepage
      Modules Studied: CE6011 - Software Engineering
    CE6012 - Computer Aided Facility Management
    CE6019 - Building Diagnositics
    CE6014 - computer mediated communication
    CE6015 - knowledge management
    CE6024 - finite element analysis
    CE6025 - virtual enterprise
    CE6027 - Energy Systems in Buildings
    CE6021 - Software Engineering(2)-Project
    CE6022 - IT for e-Business in AEC
    CE6027 - Energy Systems in Buildings- Project
    CE6028 - Information Modelling and Retrieval- Project
    CE6031 - project
      Useful Links for Modules: CE6011
  • Lecture Resources
  • Description of UML Diagrams
  • Introductory Guide to DOORS - "Getting Started with Doors"
  • Description of Capability Maturity Model
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