Jimmy O' Sullivan
BEng Energy Engineering



      goTop     Ucc, CEE, IT in AEC "http://zuse.ucc.ie"    
      BACKGROUND Qualifications: 2008 - 2012
BEng Energy Engineering
University College Cork, Ireland
        Experiences: 2011 - Present
Design Engineer with:
Ashgrove Renewables (Co. Cork)
   :   PROFILE Academic Year: 2013/2014    
        Mode: Part Time    
        Expected Graduation: November 2015    

"My aim on completion of this Masters degree is to utilise the skills learned to form a foundation to tackle large scale Energy Management projects. I hope to use the knowledge gained over the period of this course to analyse and reduce energy consumptions in buildings. Taking the course part time will allow me to incorporate the skills I learn with my full time employment."

      COURSE Electives: CE 6014: Computer Mediated Communication
CE 6015: Knowledge Managment
CE 6016: Virtual Construction
CE 6025: Virtual Enterprises