Sam Stewart



      goTop     Ucc, CEE, IT in AEC ""    
      BACKGROUND Qualifications: 2002 - 2006
BA Theoretical Physics
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
        Experiences 2008 - 2011
Finacial Analyst with:
Markit (London)
   :   PROFILE Academic Year 2013/2014    
        Mode Full Time    
        Expected Graduation: November 2014    

" I graduated first in Physics and then went on to work in Finance. I then decided to go into Engineering."

      COURSE Electives CE6014 Computer Mediated Communication, CE6015 Knowledge Management, CE6024 Finite Element Analysis    
        Project Title CE 6021: {to be decided in Dec. 2013    
        Project Title CE 6027: {to be decided in Dec. 2013    
        Thesis Title: {to be decided in June 2014